The first conversation: what to expect when you first reach out.

Asking for help is difficult. Asking a stranger for help may seem kind of crazy. When we first talk I just want to hear from you, from where you are, and what you are looking for. Maybe you are not sure what that is…in that case we can talk about those questions and find an answer together.

On my sites contact page you will find a HIPAA secure form where you can introduce yourself and tell me what you are thinking. Don’t worry about putting all your concerns or worry about leaving anything out. This is truly just a – “Hey, I think I want to try this out – ” kind of thing, where you let me know how you think I can help. More time for other information will come.

After you send it, I’ll reach out to you via secure messaging or phone. I’ll introduce myself and ask some more clarifying questions to make sure I can help you in the ways you’re looking for help. If we find that I’m not the right person right now, I’ll help point you in the direction of someone who can.

If you feel comfortable scheduling an appointment during this call, we will do that then and that’s it. Low stakes, no commitments. Our first conversation will be just that – a conversation.

If you feel like now is the time, please please please, do reach out.