Little Magic Moments

I have always loved space and everything that has to do with science and science fiction. I credit this affinity to my early years watching Star Trek and all other manner of sci-fi with my dad, as well as my dad’s own history of working at NASA.

It’s only taken me this long to get into hobby astronomy and I’m wondering why I didn’t do it sooner! In the world of hobby astronomy there is a range of equipment and I thought I’d start out with the smaller model reflector. I did some research and had an idea that this was a pretty good beginners telescope, but had no idea really of what to expect in terms of views.

When it arrived the “tabletop” telescope was MUCH bigger than I imagined, and my excitement began to grow. It rained for probably a week after I got it so finally the night came to break it out and take a look at the sky.

It was a dark night and a new moon so we scoped out stars and even saw a tiny glimpse of mars from our light polluted area.

But it wasn’t until we had a near full moon on a clear night that I was really wow-ed.

Do you remember the last time you really let yourself get excited about something? As adults we can get curmudgeon-y pretty easily. It makes sense, we have a lot of responsibilities and have been disillusioned by much of what life actually is.

Yet – we can succumb to this notion that everything is dull in the end, or we can expand our childlike capabilities that still live within us and allow ourselves to be astounded by everyday things.

Looking at the moon that night was one of those moments. Seeing something in a new way, when I’ve seen it every night since I can remember was particularly wonderful and whimsical in a way.

Precipitated by a somewhat frivolous purchase, I had an experience that was pretty darn magical. I think that these moments make life wonderful, and we should seek these moments whenever we can.

Where can you look for wonder this week?

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