Beyond individual sessions, I also provide the following services.


Mental health talks about specific topics. The below topics are ready made and can be given on short notice, but will still be customized to your organization and audience. Topics not seen below can be requested, and can be fully customized for your needs after a consultation call.

*At least two weeks notice is required for presentation preparation.

Understanding our Mental Landscape

[An introduction to mental health]. Topics for this talk include:

  • What our mental landscapes are, and how to think about our mental selves.
  • What makes up our mental landscape.
  • Therapy and what therapists do.
  • Challenges to our mental landscapes.
  • Where mental health problems come from.
  • Distinguishing between normal and abnormal stress.
  • What coping skills are, and lays out healthy vs. unhealthy ways we cope.
  • Cultural and societal impacts on how we view and experiences mental health today.
  • Normalizing mental health struggles.
  • Normalizing therapy.


Mental health workshops about specific topics. Depending on your organizations needs a quarter day, or half day workshop can be organized to provide a more in depth study and application of mental health practices. At this time, all workshops are fully customized for your needs after a consultation call.

*At least four weeks notice is required for workshop preparation.

If interested, please call 904-686-8321 to book a free consultation.