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A new book from Better Being Therapy Services


I KID YOU NOT: CONTEMPLATIVE PRE-PARENTING FOR COUPLES BEFORE KIDS is the missing book in the library of parenting resources. Before parents search for their books on discipline, and before the expectant couple picks up the baby bible What To Expect When You’re Expecting, parents should be picking up I KID YOU NOT: CONTEMPLATIVE PRE-PARENTING FOR COUPLES BEFORE KIDS. In our book, we provide simple yet crucial considerations to couples who may be contemplating having children. The conversations that we guide couples to have are intended to bring intentionality to one of life’s biggest decisions. As co-authors, I use my experience as a family therapist and my husband uses his sociology background to debunk the myths and misnomers of family “planning”.

Our book will be the first of its kind. There are plenty of blogs and books on pregnancy and parenting but there is a lack of content on how to plan and prepare for the decision to have a family in the first place. In an age where starting a family is still largely encouraged through tradition and cultural pressure, we invite couples into a new way of thinking, or what we call contemplative pre-parenting.  We want couples to architect their lives, and we want to help by providing them with real stories and real conversations. Our book is not based on our perspectives alone. Each chapter is built around real-life interviews with couples who share their experiences planning ( and not planning ) their children. These parents describe how their decisions or lack-there-of impact their relationship and family, as well as what they wish they’d known ahead of time. It’s from the hard-earned knowledge of these couples that we package and provide guidance to future couples that could soon be in their position. At the end of each chapter, we have discussion questions for couples reading the book to talk about for practical application. 

This book is written in a way to be inclusive of all types of families and all means of having children. It is not written with an assumption that our readers are all heterosexual couples looking to have a child biologically. Rather, the discussions are broad enough that they fit any couple seeking to have (or not have) children, via any means that works for them.