Its all in our mind

Over the last year+ I have really begun to love the act of meditation. I was put off on the idea for so long because I thought it was fruity or hippy and not scientific at all. Boy was I wrong!

As humans we get stuck in thought habits and it’s only through training our mind to unstick us that we can find peace with our thoughts and ourselves. Mindfulness and meditation are simply the tools to unstick us.

This week in one of my guided meditations the narrator discussed how bringing awareness to our troublesome thoughts will not make those thoughts go away, but what it will do is allow us to witness those thoughts from a different place.

In that act, we get space from the thought and ultimately engage with it in a healthier way. I loved this image and love this aspect of meditation. Sometimes it’s helpful to visualize these kind of mental practices to get a better hang of it.

In my mind I see this stepping back in awareness as riding in a glass bottom boat.

My thoughts are on the sea floor swimming around, weaving in and out of coral, but I’m safe and dry in the boat, watching what is going on instead of stuck under water being pulled by the currents.

When you think of observing your thoughts from a different place, what comes to mind for you?   

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