The Importance of Social Groups

In one of my social media posts this week I discuss the benefits of a social group. This week I began meeting with a group of therapists for peer-supervision and after a year of social desertion it was a wonderful thing to take part in.

More than that it reminded me how important it is as adults for us to meet regularly with people who have similar interests, or are in similar area’s of life.

That can be found in a church group, a mom’s group, a community sports team or a hobbyist group. On more than one occasion my husband and I have been dreaming of all the ways we plan to find new friends, groups and social connections this year after a depressing year of poor social cohesion.

After this last year we’ve seen how social connectedness is more important than ever, and it’s exciting to look forward to times where this can happen again. As adults, this can be difficult. We don’t have the natural landscape of college to meet people at, and the only source of connection that leaves us is usually work. Yet often times co-workers and friends don’t make a good mix, so below I’ve listed some possible ways you can incorporate a more rich social life in coming months – once it’s safe to do so!

  1.  Book Clubs
  2.  Audobon Society
  3. Local sports (Kickball, Soccer, Tennis, Martial Arts, etc.)
  4.  Interest Groups (Board Games, Dungeons & Dragons, Photography, etc.)
  5.  Art classes
  6.  Religious Groups
  7.  Support Groups
  8.  Parenting or Mom’s Groups

These are just a few. What kind of groups have you been thinking of joining? Where can you fit in?  

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