We all have them. Some habits are good, some are not so helpful, some are downright bad! What we may not realize thought is that most of our thought life is dictated by habit too.

habits of thought

The way we zone out, process stressors, or analyze social input is all habitual. Our brains are pretty lazy at the end of the day (even though they can do amazing things) and when our minds find the path of least resistance, they don’t have much incentive to change. If we have delved into a pattern of believing the worst in people’s motives then we will see most interactions with a negative tint.

If we cope with being overwhelmed with tasks by procrastinating then that’s likely what we will do in the future. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Research shows that habits can be broken but it takes time and effort. We know that if we make it a habit to wake up early and run it may be difficult the first few weeks but after that it’s our new normal. The same thing happens in our thought life.

If we believe the worst in a situation now and we’re not happy with how that makes us feel, try switching gears. Look for the truth in a situation rather than your initial perception – then do it again. The more you interpret something with a more neutral or positive spin, the more likely you will be to see things in a brighter light moving forward.

Our brains are powerful and plastic and the power to change lies within us – all there is to it is to do it!

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